Passion for Results: Enthusiasm for the outcome of our actions...

We make things happen for our customers, our audiences and ourselves.

We embrace challenge and complexity with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

Accountability: The obligation to be responsible for something …

We are personally committed to the success of our clients, our team members and the company, and don’t stop until they are pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Teamwork: Coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team, in the interests of a common goal …

We will work together to exceed expectations through collaboration, creativity and communication.

Content creation and recording of audio, specifically for reproduction on an immersive system, requires unconventional techniques that are specific for each loudspeaker system to deliver the artistic intent.

​We work with producers and composers to develop techniques and workflows that ensure precise show implementation.

We have experience with most major spatial audio mixing platforms (e.g. TiMax, L-ISA, Soundscape, ...) on projects of any scale from stadium events to small theatrical installations.

Our designs nominate the most suitable mixing platform to meet the specifics of each project and redundancy is implemented when affordable.

(Re) Mixing content

Spatial Audio Processing

Spatial Source Control

Sound becomes spectacular