"Optimizing your event"

Noizboyz has earned an international reputation for excellence in designing and deploying audio systems to satisfy the needs of our faithful clientele over a broad range of audience and venue types. Our attention to detail ensures that every word is clearly heard; every musical nuance is faithfully reproduced.

Our team of audio engineers is gathered from around the globe ensuring that our world-class gear is in the hands of the best in the business ensuring optimal performance at every event.

We use a combination of proprietary modelling tools from manufacturers and our own qualification tool that maps time and level differences across a space.

We leverage our knowledge and experience to design performing arts technology and systems for the most demanding situations. Our systems are modular and scalable ensuring superior quality of system performance to venues of any size.

We work with the latest acoustic prediction and auralization software to find optimal solutions for the most complex situations. With EASE, AURA, EARS, Soundplan and modeling software we develop the exact acoustical response and performance of future project sites. We will use our expertise and state-of-the-art tools throughout your pre-production process to ensure your space has excellent acoustics. Whether it's a small indoor project or large scale outdoor challenges, we'll provide a detailed acoustic design. Consult and integration to fit your needs, style and budget.

Upon completing acoustic measurement and analysis we get into the system settings to target each setting individually: alignment of speaker, levels, crossover, time, phase, adjusting gain structure, equalization and protection settings.

Final tonal shaping through expert ears is the finishing touch required to bring out the full potential and ensure a smooth translation of content. This is when the magic happens and you can forget about everything and enjoy the music.