General delivery conditions of BV. in Uden, deposited with the Chamber of Commerce in Breda under number 57188556

Article 1: General provisions

1. Considering these conditions refer to or refer to us, our, we, Noizboyz., BV is meant. Based in Uden, Chamber of Commerce 57188556;

2. These terms and conditions apply to all our offers regarding the provision or delivery of services and / or goods;

3. All other terms and conditions of the customer, which have not been expressly accepted by us, are not binding on us;

4. In these terms and conditions of delivery, the term client is also understood to mean: customer, buyer, tenant, the person who instructs us to perform or supply services and / or goods.

Article 2: Scope

1. is an organisation and production agency. We mainly provide technical and organisational support and advice for sound technical productions in the events industry and the cultural sector; 2. provides (organisational) advice and deployable personnel on an on-call basis with regard to building, operating and / or dismantling sound installations.

Article 3: Offers and quotations

1. All offers made by us are, unless explicitly stated otherwise, without obligation. We are only bound after we have accepted the oral or written order from the client in writing; 2. Information stated in catalogs, images, drawings, technical descriptions and diagrams, etc. are not binding, unless they are explicitly part of the contract for services. Minor differences or changes that are subordinate to proper implementation are reserved;

3. The offer made by us to the client, as well as the drawings, calculations, descriptions and the like provided to him remain our property, even if costs have been charged by us. They may not be copied, shown to third parties, disclosed or used without our express consent. Copyright always remains with us;

Article 4: Agreements

1. An assignment agreement is only concluded when we have confirmed it in writing. All our previous commitments that are not expressly part of this written confirmation have therefore lapsed. Verbal promises by and / or agreements with our employees do not bind us unless they have been confirmed by us in writing;

2. In principle, no work is performed prior to the signing of an order confirmation by both parties and by authorized persons;

3. Cancellation of orders that have been agreed by means of an order confirmation or a signed quotation must take place at least 7 working days prior to the day on which the order would be executed. In case of cancellation within this period, the client may be charged 50% of the agreed price for the assignment. In case of cancellation within 24 hours prior to the day on which the assignment would be carried out, we will charge 100% of the agreed price;

Article 5: Prices and payment conditions

1. In principle, the following is billed for the services of

2. Overtime: additional hours after 10 hours on a closed work will be charged extra per hour; 3. Breaks are passed on as hours worked;

4. Travel costs with regard to the own means of transport are charged to the client per kilometer driven from home address of crew member;

5. Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are exclusive of sales tax;

6. It is the principal's responsibility to inform himself in advance of the price for the services to be provided or the assignment to be performed. If, for whatever reason, there is no clear quotation, then the client is automatically obliged to pay the amount invoiced by us, insofar as this does not exceed the limits of reasonableness;

7. If an assignment is postponed at the request of the client, we have the right to charge interest on the price of the postponed assignment, equal to the statutory interest;

8. In case of payment later than 30 days after the invoice date, we are entitled to increase the net invoice amount excluding turnover tax by a credit limitation surcharge of 3% stated separately on the invoice;

9. The agreed price is based on the exchange rates applicable at the time of entering into the agreement. In the event of changes in the exchange rate of the currency in the country of origin of the client, we are entitled to pass these on to the client, all this with due observance of the legal regulations;

10. We can always pass on any unforeseen costs to be incurred in the preparation for and during the execution of the assignment to the client;

11 .. The client is not entitled to refuse or suspend his payment obligation, or to compensate it with an alleged counterclaim on the basis of alleged defects or improper execution of the order. If it is later agreed or determined that the client is justified and legal

has the authority to suspend or set off compensation, we will reimburse the statutory interest on the nonetheless paid;

12. If the agreed payment term is exceeded, the client will be in default by operation of law and we are entitled to charge him statutory interest as well as additional administration costs from the due date without any notice of default, without prejudice to and on top of the applicable credit limitation surcharge and further compensation;

13. In the event that we are forced to hand over our claim for collection, the client is obliged to reimburse us for the related judicial and extrajudicial costs. The extrajudicial costs are determined in advance at 15% of the principal sum in question, with a minimum of € 150.00 ex VAT;

14. If the client fails to fulfil his obligations, we will be released from our obligations, without prejudice to our right to fulfilment and / or to claim compensation for damage. In the event of liquidation, bankruptcy, attachment for execution of property, placing under guardianship of the client, suspension of payment of the client, or death, the obligations of the client will be immediately due and payable. The payments made by the client always serve to pay in the first place all interest and costs owed, in the second place of due and payable invoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the other party states that the payment relates to a later invoice. Payment must be made without discount or set-off, unless stated otherwise by us;

Article 6: Rent

1. In principle, goods are only rented out as part of an order accepted by us for the performance or delivery of goods and / or services for an activity organised by the client personally or with joint responsibility. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, it is therefore not possible to hire goods separately from services provided by us;

2. Goods that are rented out as part of an assignment accepted by us are rented out for a period of at least one day or a multiple thereof, unless explicitly agreed otherwise; 3. The rental period starts on the first rental day at the agreed time of delivery and lasts up to and including the last agreed rental day. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, we are responsible for the transport of the necessary equipment.

Article 6A: Rent - Special provisions

If it is agreed that the tenant is responsible for the transport of the delivered goods, the following provisions apply:

1. Hired goods must be delivered to us no later than 10:00 am on the day following the last rental day, unless we wish to deviate from this by written agreement or verbal agreement; 2. The tenant is in default if he has not delivered the goods on the day following the last agreed rental day. Without any reminder or notice of default being required for this, the hirer owes us compensation in addition to his other obligations in the amount of the normal rent for the period during which the goods were returned too late, plus 50%. The tenant cannot derive any right to rent for a period from this provision;

3. The hirer is liable for any damage to the hired goods, occurring during the transport of those goods;

Article 7: Transport and transport

1. If the place of delivery is not (properly) accessible due to the lack of paving or a properly paved road, our obligation to deliver does not extend beyond the normally accessible place closest to the place of delivery; in that case we are entitled to pass on additional costs to nevertheless deliver the goods to the place of destination. The client is obliged to provide reasonable assistance with unloading. Not included are the costs associated with any further transport of the goods to their internal destination. We have the right to charge these transport costs on the basis of labor hours spent and costs incurred;

2. With regard to arranging transport using means of transport owned by the client, is in no way liable for damage suffered to the relevant means of transport and / or to third parties or third-party goods. The client is always liable by operation of law for damage to its own means of transport and / or damage to third parties or items belonging to third parties. Client must be in possession of liability insurance with sufficient coverage for damage suffered as mentioned above. Unless there is gross negligence or intent, is therefore indemnified from any liability for damage, directly or indirectly caused by one of its own employees or freelancers during the execution of transport work in a means of transport of the client;

Article 8: Liability and Damage

1. During the term of the agreement, the client is liable for all damage to the rented as well as all physical injury caused directly or indirectly related to negligence, misuse, intent or gross negligence on the part of the client;

2. The client is obliged to indemnify against all claims from third parties that arise during or as a result of the performance of work for the client. The client is deemed to have taken out insurance against that liability;

3. We are liable for damage as a result of intent or gross negligence on our part or on the part of our subordinates;

4. We are not liable for damage as a result of defects in delivered goods. In the event of an exceptional sale of goods, we undertake to support the manufacturer's warranty where applicable, provided the full purchase price has been paid to us;

5. All advice and work related to an assignment is done to the best of our knowledge and ability. However, we cannot be held liable in any way for capacities, results and / or expected performance of the work and / or goods to be delivered by us;

6. If damage is discovered on the part of the client afterwards, the client must report this to us in writing within 14 days. Even if the other party makes a timely complaint, its obligation to pay for the orders carried out remains in force;

7. During the term of the agreement, the client is liable for theft and loss of the rented equipment. The client must also offer the possibility to store small materials such as DJ gear in a closed or secured space.

Article 9: Force majeure

1. Force majeure is understood to mean: all circumstances beyond our control - even if these were (to be) foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the agreement - and insofar as not already included, war, danger of war, civil war, sabotage , riots, storms, lightning strikes, floods, natural disasters, strike, employee lockout, transportation difficulties, fire, and other disruptions in our business or that of our suppliers;

2. In the event of force majeure, we are entitled to terminate the agreement or to suspend the implementation of the agreement, without the client being able to derive any right to compensation from this;

Article 10: Terms of employment

1. The client and its subordinates as well as itself and our subordinates are considered to be familiar with the health and safety legislation applicable at that time as stated in the Working Conditions Act; 2. Agreed work is deemed to be able to be performed under healthy and safe working conditions; 3. If the activities are based on drawings supplied to or by us, the client is deemed to have checked the stated dimensions and data. The (in) suitability of the construction of the building in which the materials are mounted / erected is the responsibility of the client; 4 Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 2, the client ensures at its own expense and risk: a. That the activities that do not form part of our agreement, such as electricians, masonry, concrete, chopping, painting and / or other such activities, have been performed correctly and on time;

b. that light and (power) power are available at a reasonable distance and to a sufficient extent and that areas in which work must be carried out are clean, dry and sufficiently heated;

c. that sufficient suitable and certified means of transport are available to transport the delivered goods to the final place of destination;

d. that sufficient suitable and certified work equipment, equipment and tools are available to be able to carry out the agreed activities in a responsible manner;

e. that sufficient suitable and certified personal protective equipment is available for activities with an additional risk, such as working in noise at high volume and working at height, and that these are used in the correct manner;

f. that the activities can proceed without disturbance, that in particular no other work is carried out that prevents the uninterrupted performance of our assignment;

g. that the delivered but not assembled goods as well as tools can be stored in a room that can be locked and is suitable for the storage of these materials and tools;

5. The client is obliged to allocate tasks, responsibilities and authorities sufficiently clearly before the start of the work and to maintain the control thereof;

6. The client is obliged to ensure proper synchronization of activities between various parties in the workplace so that efficiency and safety are not compromised;

7. During work on location, the client is responsible for the presence of an in-house emergency response officer who can act quickly and effectively in the event of calamities, fire and accidents;

8. For assignments / productions lasting four hours or longer, the client must ensure that breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for all our employees and subordinates as well as for ourselves, where applicable, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Specific diets and any vegetarians should be taken into account. Fast food is not acceptable. If the client does not provide meals, it must give sufficient opportunity to allow us to provide this at times to be determined by us. The associated costs are for the account of the client. Any loss of time and associated costs are the risk and for the account of the client;

Article 11: Provision conditions

1. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Delivery prove to be invalid or not legally applicable, these General Terms and Conditions of Delivery will otherwise remain in force;

2. The provisions that may prove not to be legally valid or cannot be applied legally, will be replaced by provisions that are as close as possible to the purport of the provisions to be replaced, such that the replacement provisions are legally valid.


This Agreement made on the date access is granted by and between requester (Participant), and BV, a dutch company based in Veghel, Stirlingweg 12, 5466 AV Veghel.

In consideration for Participants access to information and for other good and valuable consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, this shall confirm your agreement as follows:

1) While access is granted, Participant shall become aware of certain methods, practices and procedures with which BV conducts its business and which both parties agree is proprietary information and as such are trade secrets.

2) Participant will not at any time, divulge, furnish, or make available, either directly or indirectly, to any person, firm, corporation or other entity any proprietary information used by BV. Participant agrees that all such matters and information shall be kept strictly and absolutely confidential.

3) Participant acknowledges that a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement may result in continuing and irreparable damages to Noizboyz .com BV for which there may be no adequate remedy at law and that BV in addition to all other relief available, shall be entitled to issuance of an injunction restraining Participant from committing or continuing any breach of this Agreement.

4) It is acknowledged and agreed that this Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the country of the Netherlands and in the event of any suit to enforce or interpret this Agreement shall be deemed to have been executed within the Netherlands, and any actions shall be instituted solely and exclusively in the court of 's-Hertogenbosch